Geothermal heating has become one of the best eco-friendly and highly efficient systems available. Even in the middle of winter here in Park City, just a few feet underground the temperature remains warm, creating an efficient source to generate heat compared to the freezing cold outdoor air that most heating systems pump inside. Geothermal heating pumps are also quieter and longer lasting than traditional furnaces, and they don’t need as much maintenance. While a new geothermal heat pump system may cost more upfront, you will experience major savings over time – along with federal tax credits available to offset your initial investment.

Benefits Of Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating benefits both the earth and your wallet in substantial ways. Simply by using the already-existing temperature of the earth, you are able to cut out the massive environmental waste caused by gas and electric furnaces. The savings to your energy bills will be hugely significant right away, and your heat pump system will require less maintenance with fewer problems.

Heat Pump Systems

Geothermal heating systems are amazingly simple. The heat pump takes the warmer temperature found underground and runs it through a ground heat exchanger to transform the heat into your residential source. To do this, there are three main forms of ground loop heat pump systems available (open-loop, closed-loop, and dual-source), and the one you choose will depend greatly on your soil conditions and the amount and type of land around your home.

Types Of Heat Pumps

Of the three types of closed-loop systems (horizontal, vertical, and pond/lake), all use generally the same technology. These systems consist of piping filled with an antifreeze solution installed below ground or under the surface of a body of water, such as a lake or pond, and the warmed fluid in the pipes then work with a heat exchanger to create warmth within your home. Since this method uses chemicals underground, there is a slight chance your zoning laws will not allow it. We will confirm beforehand to ensure the legality and safety of this method.

An open-loop heat pump system uses surface water or well water as the fluid, instead of a chemical antifreeze. While this is a great method, it is limiting as it requires that you have a clean water source on your property, which many in Park City do not.

There are also dual-source heat pumps that use both geothermal and outside air. They are effective, cost less and are eco-friendlier than forced-air heating systems alone, but are not nearly as energy efficient as purely geothermal.

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